William Chengyu Zhang

张成瑜. Making my own future. 🎄


Shanghai, China


Hi! This is William Zhang, an incoming master of engineering student at UC Berkeley EECS, under Data Science and System track. My undergraduate degree was taken at NYU Shanghai, with a dual Bachelor of Science degree in Honors Data Science (Artificial Intelligence concentration) and Interactive Media Arts.

I find passion in a variety of things. Currently, I am doing an internship at DiFint Co., Ltd., working with SLAM algorithm research and development. The tasks mainly involve depth, optical flow, and pose estimation with deep CNN and ViTs. Moreover, we decode brain signals (fMRI) with diffusion models.

In my undergraduate years, I was a Computer Vision research assistant mentored by Prof.Guo Li. My research is mainly in image/video semantic segmentation and few-shot segmentation, object detection, as well as transfer learning.

Apart from that, I was a Lab Technician in IMA Department for four years. My job mainly involves administrative works such as inventory system management, budget arrangement and human resources assistance; another big part is technical support on computers and audio-visual equipment for professors and students. as well as classroom planning.

I also do some software development and front-end back-end development, please see below for more information.

Nice to see you here!